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Moving People With Your Words

I follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter who attended the Type-A Parent Conference last week. One of the attendees sent out this Tweet on Sunday: Ellen Gerstein (@elleinthecity): I wish all new bloggers could hear this keynote. Blogging isn’t about swag or popularity, it’s about moving people w/your words. #typeacon I totally agree with that

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Neonatal Lupus: Update

In a previous post, I talked about how I did not learn until 31 weeks gestation that my heightened level of the Ro antibody, attributable to my autoimmune condition, carries with it a slight risk (1%-5%) that the fetus will develop neonatal lupus. Of the population of babies with neonatal lupus, an even smaller group

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Arsenic and….Apple Juice?

Picture is from this website There’s been a lot of talk about apple juice lately as Consumer Reports/Dr. Oz both have done an expose’ on the arsenic (and lead!) levels found in samples of bottled or boxed apple (and grape) juices. Here’s the lowdown: – Arsenic is a naturally occurring element.  It is abundant in

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