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Two Great Resources for Connecticut Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything directly pertaining to the work I do with families of children with disabilities. I am a special education attorney who represents parents trying to obtain an appropriate educational program, known as an IEP which is short for Individualized Education Program, for their children with disabilities. This past

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Can I Opt My Child Out of Smarter Balanced? Yes. But No. It’s Complicated.

Yesterday fellow blogger Elise posted her personal thoughts about standardized testing in the public schools and how she’s not going to let some numbers on a page impact her view of children’s real educational progress and well-being at school.  But what about the hundreds of parents who want to opt their kids out of standardized

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Homeschool, so that your kids won’t be screwed up?

I am long overdue for a post. Every week this month has been filled with things like blogging about Connecticut school bullying laws for my workplace, having some exciting discussions about the status of homebirth in this state, and planning what I need to do when I go out on leave in May to prepare

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