2022: A Journey of Self-Discovery

I knew that I needed to take a look at how I viewed various relationships in my life – friends, family, colleagues. It wasn’t all working. I needed to learn how to set boundaries with myself and with other people. Unfortunately, this meant facing the reality that some “strong” friendships, weren’t going to hold up under the pressure of my journey. This was something I didn’t want to face, and recognizing broken relationships that couldn’t be recovered was heartbreaking. But, on the same note, I know it’s better to know.… Read More 2022: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Communicating with my Spouse: “I’m sorry, WHAT?! I can’t hear you!”

My wife and I share “that look” across the kitchen.  You know the one, the one that says “I’m sorry, were you talking?  I’m not sure, I can’t hear you over… EVERYTHING!”  That look.  Do we resign ourselves to yet another unfinished conversation, or insist, again, on some respect for the fact that every now and again… Read More Communicating with my Spouse: “I’m sorry, WHAT?! I can’t hear you!”

Hitting Reset

Easter did not go as planned. We went for a really nice family run in the morning, but short fuses got lit and my husband and I visited our respective families — solo. It wasn’t a really big deal, as neither of our small families had anything big planned. He and my daughter went to… Read More Hitting Reset

Step Up

Editor’s Note: While CT Working Moms is mainly a place for moms, every now and then we’ll be sharing posts from dads too. Let me get something off my chest…I am not a babysitter. It drives me nuts when people, even family members, refer to me staying at home with my daughters alone as babysitting.… Read More Step Up


Being in a relationship is hard. Making a long term relationship work throughout the ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys, is really hard. And as many of us know, throwing one or two (or even more) little people into that mix is sometimes ridiculously hard. My wife and I have been together for over 13… Read More Quirks