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Rest Is . . .

Rest is stopping one’s work, whatever that work might be. Rest is freedom from harassment. It is the quiet after the storm. It is children fresh out of a bath with pruned fingers and the smell of baby shampoo, tucked under their blankets before bedtime. Rest is the sound of the night breeze rattling the

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Simple Pleasures of a Summer Vacation

Every summer we rent a house on Block Island for a week.  It’s only about two hours from our home, but it’s a world away.  There, it’s all about living stress-free and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  Below are a few of my favorite mind-calming, anxiety-erasing vacation rituals. Outdoor Showers – I’m not an

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When is a vacation not always a vacation? When you bring your three children! Vacationing with young children can be a difficult and daunting task. This weekend my family embarked on our first mini-vaca of the season. This was our first official summer vacation with all three girls. We took a long weekend to Cape

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