An Inconvenient Truth? Maybe My Career Is Actually Hurting My Family.*

  [*Alternate Title:  “In Which Melanie’s Feminist Card Is Revoked, Hell Freezes Over, And An Inconvenient Truth Is Recognized”] I am exhausted.  Tomorrow is Saturday, and it’s also the one day a month where we do the billing in my office and I need to come in to help.  Normally that’s not an issue at

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Judgment Bad, Assertiveness Good: Stand Up For Yourself, and Your Parenting Practices, Without Being a Jerk.

It’s Moms For Moms Day next week, and we’re all supposed to be talking about this and doing supportive stuff for moms.  Unfortunately I have been less than supportive of anyone this week, most of all myself and my family.  The new job and the winding down of my business has put a lot of

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In Which I Single-Handedly End the Working Mom Versus Stay At Home Mom Debate

  There is a simple answer to the question of whether it’s better to be a stay at home mom or a working mom: It really doesn’t matter, as long as, whatever you decide, you give it your all and do it well. What do I mean? If you’re staying home with your kids, take

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