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Hey there, Supermom. Yeah, I’m talking to you. If you don’t feel as though you’ve earned that title, you are dead wrong. Granted, some days and weekends are less productive than others, but I hope that you recognize the fact that you are a multitasking, plate spinning, super talented woman who is actually doing more than

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Do It Yourself: Chic Dry Erase Weekly Schedule

Ok, wow! Looks like I am going to get this post in just in time! Unfortunately an unexpected stay in the hospital (from Tuesday until today) due to pregnancy complications (don’t worry – everything is ok) created quite a challenge with this week’s Create it Saturday project. I will fess up and admit to you that I have not done

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Working Moms Time Management – or Lack of?

As the days begin to get shorter I am questioning how on earth am I supposed to fit it all into one day anymore. Okay maybe Im just getting sad  that it will be dark  by the time I cross the threshold  into my house for the next several months! Many of you know I

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