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The Time My Family Had Lice…Or…Oh My God We Had The Lice!

Lice. Just saying the word makes you reach up and scratch your head. Lice is probably the number one fear of mothers with school-aged children. I remember those days before I had The Lice. Oh the innocence. My kids won’t get lice! They’re clean, they know not to share hairbrushes, we never try on hats

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The Beauty of Parenting Older Children

The haze of the baby and toddler years is behind me. As much as I sometimes miss a baby to nuzzle, I’m absolutely thrilled to have moved on to the next phase of parenthood. While the majority of my close friends are in this same stage with me (and some are even farther in since they

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Wisdom Wednesday

Book Review: Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4-14: A Resource for Parents and Teachers by Chip Wood When I was a teacher, there were certain books that I found extremely helpful when planning curriculum, looking at progress reports, or simply trying to figure out why a student was behaving in a certain way. Sometimes

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