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Strange Bedfellows

  Every morning, I wake up in bed with 3 guys, a girl, one turtle and several rabbits.  Far from a sordid arrangement, the reality is closer to a cramped and sometimes stinky circus that includes me, my husband, our toddler and dogs, along with a few of my son’s current favorite stuffed animals. We never planned

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In Defense of Screen Time: The Benefits of Playing Video Games as a Family

File under Stuff I’ve Probably Already Talked About, but in the wake of this article in the Atlantic that constructs a bogeyman threat of how young people are being ruined by their smartphones, I wanted to address a few oft-overlooked points about the benefits of screen time. I won’t dish all the details of my

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Advice Needed: School Vacation Activities

So this weeks post is my call for help! Miles is in second grade, so the last 2 years, during school vacation weeks we would sign him up for some fun camps or activities during those off days.  Most of our family lives out-of-state and the best times to take vacations and spend time with

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