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At almost 42, I’ve been a bit more reflective of who I’ve become.  I understand that we, as people, are always changing and growing but the beauty of being in my 40s is I can actually say, about many of my quirks and traits, “well, this is me!” and not really care much about what others think about it.

Sometimes I Pretend.

I went out last weekend.  My ALONE weekend without my boys.  When I left the house, I wasn’t feeling particularly social, but I thought it would be good for me.  It was time to stop pacing and looking at pictures of the boys and get out.   So I went to a fabulous party.  There

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In Her Best World, There Would Be No Doctors

I legitimately forget sometimes that my daughter used to live as a boy. In our everyday routine of school, homework, video games, chores, dinner together, and finding lost shoes, my daughter is just wholly, completely, and happily my daughter. We admire Jazz Jennings in our household. A lot. We talk about transgender heroes and role

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Real Women, Real Inspiration

Having a daughter has raised my awareness of women in the media. Women selling things. More focus on pretty than strong. There’s nothing wrong with pretty, by the way. I’m not writing this to chastise anyone. But I often think about this question: What do I want for my daughter in terms of confidence, health,

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Why Do Moms Judge Moms?

I have been thinking a lot lately about judgment-free motherhood and what a wonderful, freeing, impossible, yet completely possible concept it is. I say “impossible” because judging others seems to be just human nature.  Because snap judgments and negative thoughts seem like they are here to stay. I say “possible” because we can totally choose to

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You’re Not A Bad Girl

Not too long ago, my oldest turned four. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the so-called behavior “transformation” that quite a few other mom friends have promised talked about. Supposedly it comes with leaving the terrible three’s behind (oh boy if you think two is a challenge…) and moving on up to four-year-old-hood. Yes, of course I understand

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An Apology Letter To My Postpartum Body

Hey there body. It’s me, Carly. I owe you an apology. Well, actually, more than one. I’m sure you’ve been feeling the tension between us. I admit I have been feeling like a complete hypocrite for a while now. I see the beauty in other women’s bodies, and try my best to encourage them to embrace their body, while

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Making Peace with my Body

It’s the New Year: time to be bombarded by every weight loss, body sculpting, resolutioner’s dream-turned-nightmare advertising campaign designed to remind us that we’re not good enough.  Let’s fix it, now, for the bargain price of 4 easy installments of my first-born child. But how do I really feel? In my very first blog for CT Working

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