Who I Am

I love when fellow bloggers give us a glimpse into their lives so I thought I’d share a little about me. Since I love lists, get to know me in list form! We’ve established that I love lists. I love lists so much that each year I set a reading goal for the year and… Read More Who I Am


At almost 42, I’ve been a bit more reflective of who I’ve become.  I understand that we, as people, are always changing and growing but the beauty of being in my 40s is I can actually say, about many of my quirks and traits, “well, this is me!” and not really care much about what others think about it.… Read More THIS IS ME

Who Inspires You?

On Saturday, I’ll be joining more than 15,000 other runners, taking on the streets of Hartford during the EverSource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  For the sake of clarity, I’ll be running the half.  This will be my second year running this race, yet it will feel both as special and as nerve-wracking as last year. … Read More Who Inspires You?