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Toddler underwear is bullshit

“What a cute little boy!” says an unfamiliar voice behind me in the cereal isle.  I turn to see an older woman peering into my baby carriage. “Thank you!” I beam, “She’s actually a girl.  Not that it matters.”  The woman looks confused and gestures toward the baby, who is wearing striped pajamas. “Oh, I’m

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The New Challenge In Raising Our Girls Is Innocent and Well-Intentioned Sexism

Quick, read this phrase and tell me what immediately springs to mind: “Women in STEM.” Where did your brain go?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I doubt your first thought was “women are well-represented in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines and professions, not to mention the fact that they hold leadership

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It’s the Most Important Job I’ll Ever Do. But I’m the Judge of That – Not You.

Things have been crazy busy with me.  Between scoping out potential office space for my practice, keeping up with client phone calls and emails, trying to remember to bill people for my time (I have this thing about taking people’s money!  It feels so weird!), and keeping house and home with two little ones, the

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