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I Could Wean? I Could Wean!! The End of Breastfeeding, and the Happy Dance I’m Not Supposed to Do.

Christa recently did a very sweet post about how she is still breastfeeding her two-year-old, and how she will follow her child’s lead when it’s time to wean.  I’m a big fan of both extended breastfeeding and child-led weaning, which naturally go hand in hand.  I nursed my older daughter, Mackenzie, until she was 22

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Wisdom Wednesday

Back to Basics Mothering I am a parenting book junkie. Seriously. I can’t get enough. I’ve read pretty much every child-rearing theory book/article/etc. imaginable. Supernanny. Babywise. Attachment Parenting. Happiest Baby on the Block. What to Expect The First Year. Girlfriends Guide to Surviving The First Year of Motherhood. I am ashamed to say the list

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