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Start Small, Stay Small? Solopreneur Moms and the Benefits of a Home Law Office

So I’m about two months into the solo law practice, work-at-home mom gig.  I have some billable work as well as a couple upcoming seminars (one of which is tomorrow – eek!), and things are actually happening for me, which is really great.  And at the same time, a bit challenging. Everything is sort of

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Don’t Be a Secret Mom: Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Hide Our Status As a Parent at Work

It didn’t strike me as odd until a few years later, after I had a toddler and a baby of my own in tow.  But when I was a relatively new associate at small but established Connecticut firm, I worked with a law student who was there for the summer who actively tried to hide

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On Being a Mompreneur: Lawyer Edition

As I sit here, typing this blog post, I am suffering from some serious writer’s block.  It’s not for lack of topics to blog about, as I am chock full of those.  The block is being caused by my apparent inability to focus on any one topic long enough to put together a coherent post.

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