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2014 — What a Year!

What a year!  Lots of blessings – extraordinary blessings.  My second son got married in September, to his long-time girlfriend, a woman we all love and admire.  My nephew got married in December, to his long-time girlfriend, also a woman we all love and admire.  Another nephew got engaged to HIS long-time girlfriend, another fabulous woman

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To Know, Know, Know Me….

I think everybody wants to feel that there are people in the world who really get them, who understand them deeply on every level. Not “Oh, you’re that cranky mom who is always complaining about something at daycare,” or “You’re always fighting authority.” That’s one-dimensional. We are all more than that. Who could ever imagine

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My Love Affair with the Computer

I went to college at the University where Eniac was created. I didn’t get to use Eniac itself, but I did take a course in programming, using computers that still used mag cards. My project was to get the computer to write a poem, using random lines. I quickly realized I had to write several

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