Dear Husband

First let me say that I love my husband and feel very lucky to have him in my life.  We met in 2005, and got married in 2007.  We had both been in difficult marriages earlier, and I certainly wasn’t planning to ever get married again, because I felt that was only for the child-bearing… Read More Dear Husband


I had a friend from college, with whom I had a great long-distance post-graduation relationship. He’d call me on my birthday and croon “Happy Birthday” into the message machine, complete with vibrato. We exchanged funny letters and referenced various private jokes. It was a nice, light, uncomplicated relationship. Despite not seeing him for years at… Read More Endings

Why Do We Do It?

When you really think about it, the whole scenario is ridiculous — a recipe for disaster. You meet someone, and no matter how well you think you know him/her, even if you’ve been together for years before making it official, you still don’t know how s/he will react in every situation. You just hope his/her reaction… Read More Why Do We Do It?