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Mothering and Multilevel Marketing: When a Mom Friend Makes the MLM Sales Pitch

MLM is a controversial topic. Its supporters emphasize the ability of MLM consultants (essentially independent contractors) to make some much needed side income while meeting the demands of a hectic family life. Critics in turn highlight the fact that the majority of MLM sellers will actually lose money before the end of their direct selling career.

What Doesn’t Kill You…Makes You Want to Kiss Your Daycare Provider on the Mouth

My sons’ daycare was closed last week.  My husband and I spent the week scrambling around trying to juggle the boys, our jobs, and everything else.  I can proudly say that we all survived (I say this proudly as there were moments I was sure we would not).  As I sit here at my desk

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In Which I Single-Handedly End the Working Mom Versus Stay At Home Mom Debate

  There is a simple answer to the question of whether it’s better to be a stay at home mom or a working mom: It really doesn’t matter, as long as, whatever you decide, you give it your all and do it well. What do I mean? If you’re staying home with your kids, take

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When mom needs a sick day

During the day, my job is to take care of our daughter. While I’m paid in spades in laughter and snuggles, the other benefits for stay at home moms are lacking – namely sick time (and a salary…and vacation time…and health benefits…even a lunch break…but that’s a conversation for another day). I can remember it

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Finding balance in the “versus”

I’m having an identity crisis. Mother. Activist. Wife. Blogger. Daughter. Coach. Sister. Employee. Feminist. Sometimes, I feel like all the hats I wear just don’t coordinate with my outfit, know what I mean? I identify as all the descriptors above. And, yes, they do define me as a person. I take pride in those titles,

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“She’s Just Like You!” Are Women with Children Marginalized in the Workplace?

I’m 33 years old, married with an 18-month-old daughter and another one on the way in May. In about 10 weeks I will be starting my 12-week unpaid maternity leave from my job as an associate at a small law firm in Hartford. With 7 1/2 years of total practice, but a few job changes

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