Toughening Up

When I was a kid, I often recall my father telling me that certain things would toughen my constitution. Usually it was stuff that I felt required me to suffer — for example, keeping the thermostat on low, shoveling snow, wiping away the tears and brushing off a skinned knee. I was a sensitive kid,… Read More Toughening Up

Let it Go

I promise, this is not an analysis of the movie “Frozen” or its impact on the repeat-cycle of my brain, though I should apologize for the fact that it’ll now likely be running circles in yours for the rest of the day.  Nope, today I’m simply here to say: “Let it Go.” I have a… Read More Let it Go

Teaching My Children the Strength of Practicing Kindness

I was going to write about my three-year-old’s experience this week starting pre-k in a brand new school, but this story prompted me to write about something else instead.  Sadly, although back-to-school season is a time that kids of all ages look forward to with great excitement, some kids dread this time of year, because it’s a… Read More Teaching My Children the Strength of Practicing Kindness