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A Mom’s Summer To-Do List

As I think about the things we have not done yet this summer or things we have started but not finished (like redoing the girls’ bedrooms or figuring out what to do with the crocked path on the side of our house)… the end of summer blues set in, and I realize I have two weeks to left to finish my summer bucket list. Not happening.

Another “Yes Day” full of fun

Awhile back, inspired by both blogger Elise and this book, I decided to try a spontaneous “Yes Day” here and there with my boys. I was nervous at first to see what their requests would be, but overall, they’ve been really reasonable and pretty darn adorable. Past Yes Days have included cupcakes for breakfast, a

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Our Review: Family Day Trip to Ocean Beach Park

My summer plans with my children have pretty much always involved free or nearly free local day tips. This summer, though, our sons are 5 and 7, and we decided to try something we’ve never done before. My children love the beach more than anything. We sprang for a CT State Parks pass this year

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MORE Sensory Play Fun…this time, for older kids!

School got out really early this year in our district, and since I’m a teacher, I’m home nearly 24/7 with my kiddos during these months. Camps are not cheap, so we have opted to attend “Camp Mom” all summer, as I’m calling it, where I plan activities for us all each day. Here in week three, the “newness”

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Thrifty Thursday: DIY Outdoor Games

It’s officially summer! The school year has come to a close and there are a lot more opportunities for the kiddos to move it on outside to play. In addition to having fun in the sun with sprinklers, pools, bikes (and so on and so forth), outdoor games always provide a great source of entertainment. However, you can end up spending

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