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‘Tis A Gift to Be Simple

We are typical parents of the new millennium – overscheduled, overbusy and constantly on the move. With the exception of the first few weeks of my kids’ lives, practically every weekend has been pre-scheduled with some activity – meetings, ballet classes, birthday parties, playdates, errands.  Before kids, I would feel guilty if my weekends weren’t

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Our Summer Bucket List

As a quasi-stay-at-home mom to a daughter who hates to nap, I spend a lot of my daytime hours occupying my little one. This summer, I’m looking forward to taking advantage of her mobility (she can explore on her own a bit!), comprehension (she has a certain understanding of what we are doing!) and age (she’s old

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The First Birthday of the Second Child: Making It Special

I believe this is an oft-described phenomenon, but I have been noticeably more lax in my approach to planning my second child’s first birthday.  By “lax,” I mean that the afore-mentioned “planning” has consisted of me making a mental note every time I look at my calendar and remember that the baby is turning one,

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