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Encouraging Independence

I have a dream. That one day, my young daughters will grow up to become independent women. “All the women who are independent Throw your hands up at me” Sorry, I just could not resist the perfect opportunity to throw in some Beyoncé lyrics. Yes, my daughters are both under the age of four, but it is

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Freedom Within Limits: Helping End the Daily Battles

If you’ve been around a child of pretty much any age for more than half an hour, you probably are familiar with the phrase “Just let me do it!” One of the first full phrases my two year old put together was “Me do it MYSELF!” soon followed by “Don’t hold me…never hold me!” It

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Lenore Skenazy: World’s Worst Mom?

My son is pretty independent for a four and a half year old. I think education about what to do in social situations is 100 times more effective as a safety measure than keeping your child in a proverbial bubble. We’ve gone over his full name, address, parents’ names, and we’re practicing the phone number

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