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Attitude of Gratitude

Theoretically, fall and winter holidays are a time of celebration, gratitude, generosity and togetherness.  The reality is that somewhere along the way, much of our spirit of giving got up and went, leaving the holidays a f*cking nightmare for many.

Talking About Physical Differences (a.k.a., “The one where I was mortified in a shoe store”)

Parenting is a humbling thing. Prior to having my own kids, I was a teacher, so I had plenty of opportunities to see other people’s kids on a daily basis. I had lots of theories on what I would and wouldn’t do based on this. I’d seen first-hand what works, and I was confident that I’d

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You’re Not A Bad Girl

Not too long ago, my oldest turned four. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the so-called behavior “transformation” that quite a few other mom friends have promised talked about. Supposedly it comes with leaving the terrible three’s behind (oh boy if you think two is a challenge…) and moving on up to four-year-old-hood. Yes, of course I understand

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Integrating Kindness Into Your Classroom: Free Lesson Plans for Teachers

Have you ever heard teachers talk about how they have loads and loads of free time during the school day with which to carefully address social issues such as self esteem, kindness, and bullying? Yeah, me neither! This is the dilemma that I have personally encountered many times in the classroom. As teachers, we of

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