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Would You Let Your Five-Year-Old Text a Friend?

I knew we’d be dealing with technology issues with our kids fairly soon, now that they’re school aged. But I had thought our first-born, who is now seven, would be the one asking for a phone or something like that. Instead, the intended recipient of the text I received the other day was my younger kid, the kindergartner.

I Let My Preschooler Use My Tablet All Day, And I Feel Zero Guilt About It (Or, Going Outside Is Overrated, So Just Let Your Kid Play More Video Games)

H/T to Katie for inspiring this one with a FB share! I was out of town last weekend for my sister’s wedding. Everyone is asking me for pictures, so here’s one: Well, that’s not the actual wedding. It’s just us setting up the ceremony décor the day before. I should probably check with my various

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Distracted Parenting And How “Unplugging” Is Helping My Family

Something pretty amazing is happening at my house. My husband and I began making a conscious effort to set aside time to “unplug” from technology and spend more quality time as a family. The TV is off, cell phones are out of reach, and there’s no computer or iPad use going on during this time.

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3 Major Ways Parenting Has Changed Since The 80’s

I am 30 years old. It wasn’t that long ago I was living in the 80’s and enjoying my childhood in all its carefree, Tina Turner, high-top sneakers and voluminous hair-sprayed bangs, glory. At least it doesn’t feel like that long ago. Now with 2 young children of my own I have become much more aware

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