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A Time to Give Thanks

Reflection and expressing gratitude are two consistent elements of the Thanksgiving holiday while who and what we are thankful for may change through the years.  The nostalgia of this time of year is quite compelling and as I think back about Thanksgivings past, I’m seeing my experiences in a new light with and a new found appreciation.

Attitude of Gratitude

Theoretically, fall and winter holidays are a time of celebration, gratitude, generosity and togetherness.  The reality is that somewhere along the way, much of our spirit of giving got up and went, leaving the holidays a f*cking nightmare for many.

My Wish For You…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Yep, already.  The chaos of The HOLIDAYS has officially (unofficially?) begun.  So, tomorrow, when your son dumps his full plate of food on the carpet, your other son tells you he hates everything you made and it smells like “green garbage,” and Drunk Uncle is muttering about kids these days and their

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Including the Kids in Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! For an over-planner like me, this means the spreadsheets, lists, and plans of attack are flying through my head this week. While I’m not hosting the meal, I am bringing several dishes to my parents’ house. I am a New England traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving, and it’s

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