I’ll Go With You Always

Yesterday, my seven year old said to me, “I want to play Legos upstairs.” I glanced up from my phone, and said, “ok, go ahead.” He replied, “No. With you.” WITH YOU. Both of my kids say this all the time.  If they go upstairs, out in the backyard, or even to the bathroom, they want me

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Dear Struggling Mom, It’s OK to Hate This

The expectation versus the reality of having children is wildly different. Every stage is a challenge and nothing at all like you imagined. Above all, it’s harder than you ever expected. There are so many parts of motherhood that just plain suck, and it’s ok to hate them.

The Little Things that Become the Big Things

Inspirational Internet Meme says:  “Appreciate the Little Things” I say:  “I have been up since 3:18am with a baby who’s been sick on and off (but more on) for six months.  I am too freakin’ TIRED to appreciate anything.  I have laundry piled to the ceiling, a to-do list five pages long and I just found three-day old

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Parenting In a Hurry: Three Tips to Save You Time and Make Life Awesome

I volunteered to take Kriste’s weekly post today, because she had a schedule snafu, and why not?  Help a mom and blogger out, that’s what we’re all about. Only problem is that I’m a bit short on time myself.  Blogging during the middle of the workday is hard, because, you know, work.  But then, blogging

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Potty Training In One Weekend, or Why I Have Only Five Minutes to Write This Post.

  This post is going to read more like a diary entry than an article.  Why?  Because I’m attempting to write it in about 5 minutes, rather than the 2-3 hours or more that it often takes me, from thinking through a concept to putting on the final touches, to write for this blog. I

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Hey TIME, this is what extended breastfeeding REALLY looks like.

I just read the recently published TIME article, “The Man Who Remade Motherhood,” which is an interview with Dr. Bill Sears, father of what you might call modern-day Attachment Parenting philosophy.  My thoughts on the article itself and on dear old Dr. Bill can be found in my comments in response to Michelle’s post from

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