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Missing: One Toddler

  Name: Timotéo Nicolas Gomez Age: 2 years Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Clothing: Hanna Andersson top, navy (or likely, no) pants Last seen smiling in April 2016.  This child can be further identified by giant flames which burst from his ears when a commercial interrupts the Little Baby Bum video he’s watching. Or by daggers

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Responding to Limit-Testing While Staying Sane

Asserting themselves. Testing. Pushing the limits. Driving us crazy. Call it what you will, all kids have occasional stages that feel like never-ending parent versus child power struggles. We’ve been in a phase of limit-testing lately at my house with my almost-three-year-old. Every day feels like opposite-day. “I want a bagel for breakfast, please.” “Ok, here’s

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Facts to Make Parents Feel Better About Life

My younger son, previously my sweet, easy-going, mellow child, is turning three soon. Three. Three is my least-favorite age. Terrible Twos have nothin’ on the Terrifying Threes. It’s been a long week of meltdowns and power struggles over here, combined with January-like weather at the end of March, so I thought I’d share some “Facts to

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