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5 Things I Swore I Would Never Do as a Parent (But do all the Time)

I had a very specific vision of the type of parent I wanted to be. And then I became a parent and was smacked in the face with reality. I still have the same basic core values and I won’t budge on those. But then there’s everything else. I will be the first to admit,

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True Confessions: I bought my kid’s old clothes back at a consignment store

After last week’s post about my not so secret obsession with Twitter, it should come as no surprise to you that I got my inspiration for this week’s installment from Twitter.  And, with this week marking #moms4moms day on March 4 with The Bump and CT Working Moms encouraging judgment free mothering, as well as

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Things I Previously Judged Other Moms for…That I Now Have Done Myself

Oh karma – you fickle friend you.  Okay, so, confession: I used to be a little judgy.  I didn’t actually realize how judgy I was being until I had some hindsight to look back on it, but yeah, I have been known to give a side eye or two at certain times… Not to worry,

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