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Shove your f***ing orange socks!

It started out innocently enough.  We had a playdate with a few kids and moms I’d been wanting to see at the trampoline park Lili had been aching to go to. Almost two months to the day of her liver surgery, she’d just gotten full clearance to return to normal activity, so after eight weeks

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A Very Sudden Behavior Change

Oh.my. A few weeks ago something changed in my 2-and-a-half year old. I honestly thought we had somehow been really lucky to have avoided the terrible two’s. We’ve been able to surprisingly reason with her and she’s been a wonderfully behaved kid. But all of a sudden, she’s screaming and crying the second she doesn’t

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She is two.

She is two. She is an uncoiled spring.  Running, jumping, bouncing, climbing.  Spinning in the air. She is two. She is effervescence.  Belly aching giggles. Smiles.  Blowing kisses.  Asking for “hucks”.  Standing in the window to wave at someone going by.   She is two. She is fierce independence.  “No mommy me do dis.”  Refusing

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