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This Too Shall Pass

I am often asking my boys: “Where is the love?!”.  By ignoring me and making me work for each and every ounce of affection offered, they have turned me into the needy girlfriend who looks for constant affirmations that her boyfriend still likes her, that she’s cool enough, that she’s fun enough…. I think I’m going

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How Much I’ve Gained After Two Pregnancies

I have gained A LOT since I’ve been pregnant.   More than I ever thought I would.  If my 21-year-old self saw me now, she wouldn’t recognize me, and I’ll be honest, it’s brought me to tears more than once.  You want to know how much I’ve gained?  I will tell you.   As of today,

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All My (Dog) Children

Life without dogs would be so empty and sad, I think.  They fill essential needs:  comic relief, cheering me up at the end of a crummy day, on-demand snuggles and of course, unconditional love. I believe that teenage boys derive a great benefit from having pets in the house, as they may become uncomfortable receiving hugs

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