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Judgment freeze, if you please

We should not have to defend ourselves to each other.  We are free (and encouraged!) to make our own decisions, to be inadequately, incorrectly, or even overly informed. 

A Tale of Two Sisters: Resisting the Urge to Preach Unsolicited Parenting Advice to New and Would-Be Parents

  The two sisters referenced in the title are not actually sisters.  One woman is my younger sister; the other is my DH’s younger sister, so my sister-in-law.  Both are in their early 30s.  And that’s about where the similarities end. My sister is planning a wedding for next year, and moved to the other

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Back off: When strangers need to mind their own business

It’s quite often that people at work are surprised when they realize I suddenly have a baby bump.  Not the coworkers I see every day, but the customers, vendors and sales people that stop by on occasion.  There are some who still have yet to notice (although I feel like I’ve grown leaps and bounds

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