Are You Doing This Right? Musings Over Marriage and Kids.

Even if you’re not a power couple collaborating on a book, you’re still embarking on an amazing journey together. It may sound cliche, but every moment of your life as a parent is an adventure. And any parent who has the privilege of raising children together with a loving, devoted partner has an even sweeter excursion ahead.… Read More Are You Doing This Right? Musings Over Marriage and Kids.

Taking A Break

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a few days off from work, chores and a ringing alarm clock. There’s only a few times a year when us working mamas are able to look forward to a chance to unwind a little and let go of the daily responsibilities of work and a household. Two Sundays… Read More Taking A Break


When is a vacation not always a vacation? When you bring your three children! Vacationing with young children can be a difficult and daunting task. This weekend my family embarked on our first mini-vaca of the season. This was our first official summer vacation with all three girls. We took a long weekend to Cape… Read More Vacation?