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I Breastfed My Baby All Over Disney World and…

We all know vacations are a lot of work for parents.  We did it all.  Packing, organizing, schlepping, baby wearing, comforting, mediating, planning and plan-b’ing, but you know what I did most of all?  I breastfed my baby all over Disney World.  I mean it too.  Holly got feedings and extra-feedings…

Are You Doing This Right? Musings Over Marriage and Kids.

Even if you’re not a power couple collaborating on a book, you’re still embarking on an amazing journey together. It may sound cliche, but every moment of your life as a parent is an adventure. And any parent who has the privilege of raising children together with a loving, devoted partner has an even sweeter excursion ahead.

Summer Vacation Does Not Exist for My Family.

  This is the time of year that you tend to see lots of posts on parenting blogs about summer vacation, summer fun, what to do with the kids during the summer, day camps, sleep-away camps, being done with school, family trips, etc. Things are significantly different for my household, because summers look much like

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Ice Cream for Breakfast and Other Summer Vacation Pleasures

Earlier this week we returned home from our annual week of vacation on Block Island.  For those not familiar with “The Block,” it’s a tiny island located about 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island accessible only by boat.  We’ve been making this our summer vacation spot for 6 years love the easygoing nature

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Shy and…Retiring?

I have not been in my office since August 29th. I took almost an entire month of vacation time (I had to do a hearing, attend a training, and go to 2 meetings during September), and tomorrow I go back to work. The prospect does not thrill me. My theory about vacations from work is

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Simple Pleasures of a Summer Vacation

Every summer we rent a house on Block Island for a week.  It’s only about two hours from our home, but it’s a world away.  There, it’s all about living stress-free and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  Below are a few of my favorite mind-calming, anxiety-erasing vacation rituals. Outdoor Showers – I’m not an

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When is a vacation not always a vacation? When you bring your three children! Vacationing with young children can be a difficult and daunting task. This weekend my family embarked on our first mini-vaca of the season. This was our first official summer vacation with all three girls. We took a long weekend to Cape

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