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Parenting Reality: Five Things that Are Currently Not Priorities for Me

Since the list format for blogging seems to be so popular lately, here is another stab I am taking at itemizing the jumbled thoughts in my brain into quick-fix entries that are at least loosely organized under a specific theme. This week:  what are some of the many, many (many …) things that I’m no longer

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What’s Been Going On With Me.

Not that I think I have a massive readership going yet on this blog, but since I haven’t been able to post for a while, here is what I have been up to recently: 1) After a painful final month at work, I am now out on maternity leave for 16 weeks, effective this week.

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Professional Organizations: Do Working Moms Need to Drop Out?

When I was in college, I put my name on a list to volunteer working with children at a domestic violence shelter. It was the kind of problem that pulled at my heartstrings and the kind of issues I knew I wanted to be involved with. It would have been a great opportunity … for

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