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Embracing Our Humanity Takes Courage

I am slowly examining my relationship with perfectionism.  What brought this issue to the forefront?  First: I have children.  Cleaning my house, washing finger prints (or paint or marker) off the walls is futile.  The floors are never clean. I have a dog.  Ditto the above, minus perhaps a little paint but throw in a decent

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Embracing the Muck: Survivors Parenting

At this point in my life, when the “reminders” come they don’t take my breath or presence of mind like they once did.  I automatically look around whatever room I’m in and notice who I am with.  I pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells and breathe deeply.  After a couple of decades of practice, keeping myself “here

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“We Find our Judgment Where we are Vulnerable to Shame.”

We’ve all heard the theory that we judge in others what we loathe in ourselves.  In kinder words, “We find our judgment where we are vulnerable to shame (Brene Brown).”  I believe we can’t have honest conversations about non-judgment without also talking about what shames us.  Knowing what our own shame triggers are, we can do something about it.  As

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