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Monday Musings

You guys, I had a tough weekend.  My two-year old had a miserable cold and was, well, miserable.  My 4 ½ year old was forced to stay home due to his sick brother and he has the energy of, well a 4 ½ year old.   My Sunday Funday started bright and early at 5:03am

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Home With the Kids: Make a “Got-Done” List

I have an excellent idea for a post.  Tragically, that idea will go unused for tonight, because I lack the fortitude to battle my current state of exhaustion.  This was a weekend known in this house as “drill weekend,” when DH spends both Saturday and Sunday up at the Guard base.  I, in contrast, spend

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Five for Friday: Five Reasons I Have Writer’s Block Right Now (Hint: They Have Something to Do with Being a Mom)

  1. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT …  I know Melissa just posted about this frequent CTWM topic, but it turns out that my three year old has food allergies. So my brain has been dwelling on her and the myriad forms I’m being required to fill out (for two separate school-day/child care programs).

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