Dear Friend

I am a speech-language pathologist. Part of my work is to teach teens strategies to become better social communicators, forge connections with others, and navigate socially problematic situations effectively. In other words, I teach them how to be a friend. As a working mother in her forties my friendships with others have been extremely difficult… Read More Dear Friend

Managing Anxiety by Overworking (AKA My Current Situation)

Because of some significant changes job-wise, I’ve found my anxiety level rising more and more every day. And as my anxiety level rises, I’m noticing just how much I’m overworking to try to not feel my feelings. I’ve struggled with my mental health since my early 20’s. I have an anxiety disorder and my therapist… Read More Managing Anxiety by Overworking (AKA My Current Situation)


By now, just about anyone with access to the internet has seen Kim Kardashian’s latest publicity stunt – coyly smiling over her shoulder as she bares her glistening and clearly Photoshopped posterior at the camera – the tagline #BreakTheInternet emblazoned across the bottom (pun intended!) of the photo encouraging her fans to re-Tweet, re-Gram or… Read More #MomsAreSexy

Enough Is Enough

What’s with us? Women, I mean.  It seems that everything I read, everything I see, almost every woman I speak to – mother or not and across all age groups – feels like she’s never “enough,” she needs to be more. Thinner, stronger, in better shape. More attractive, plucked, waxed, stylish. Doing more for our… Read More Enough Is Enough

Hail to the No

“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” ~Josh Billings Josh Billings was the pen-name of Henry Wheeler Shaw, an 19th century humorist and writer who was well known in his time and often compared to Mark Twain. And if Billings was… Read More Hail to the No