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Mothering and Multilevel Marketing: When a Mom Friend Makes the MLM Sales Pitch

MLM is a controversial topic. Its supporters emphasize the ability of MLM consultants (essentially independent contractors) to make some much needed side income while meeting the demands of a hectic family life. Critics in turn highlight the fact that the majority of MLM sellers will actually lose money before the end of their direct selling career.

Five for Friday: Five Truths About Working From Home with Kids

  1.       The title of this post is a lie, because you are not really getting work done at home, with kids. Every so often, a mom glowingly tells me how great it is to have a flexible employment situation, or to work for herself, so that she can jump on the computer while her

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Start Small, Stay Small? Solopreneur Moms and the Benefits of a Home Law Office

So I’m about two months into the solo law practice, work-at-home mom gig.  I have some billable work as well as a couple upcoming seminars (one of which is tomorrow – eek!), and things are actually happening for me, which is really great.  And at the same time, a bit challenging. Everything is sort of

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