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Parenting Pitfall: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

My brain is a swirling mess right now.  When I really need to focus, I painfully force myself to shut out distractions and just get down to work.  That is what I’m doing right now, or this post just wouldn’t happen.  I know this for certain.  I know this because I discovered Polyvore this weekend,

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Trying in Vain to Find Balance in my Life

I am consumed with my sons.  I inhale “Jackson” and exhale “Justus.”  And not for a moment do I regret that.  They are my life, my world, and my heart.  What I struggle with is finding a balance between them and everything else.  I recently wrote about my desire to reconnect with myself; however, I’m

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Home With the Kids: Make a “Got-Done” List

I have an excellent idea for a post.  Tragically, that idea will go unused for tonight, because I lack the fortitude to battle my current state of exhaustion.  This was a weekend known in this house as “drill weekend,” when DH spends both Saturday and Sunday up at the Guard base.  I, in contrast, spend

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