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A (Second Half of a) Day In the Life of A Working Mother: Molly

You’ve already heard the first half of last week’s Thursday. My mom comes to help me once a week (sometimes more lately) and this is one of those days. When she’s not here I am taking care of the baby myself while occasionally fitting in work during naps and feedings. My parents were able to

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Decisions, Decisions

Many mothers in present day America have to wrestle with the decision whether or not to return to work after having a baby. Everyone’s journey is different.  This is my story. When I was pregnant with my first child it was essentially a forgone conclusion that I would return to work once the baby arrived.

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Don’t Blame Marissa Mayer; Blame the System.

Ah, Marissa Mayer: the working mom you love to hate.  Why?  In case you missed it last year, a then-pregnant Mayer disappointed working moms across the country by simultaneously becoming the new CEO of Yahoo! and the youngest chief executive in Fortune 500 history, and announcing that she would take only two weeks of maternity

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