Dear Friend

I am a speech-language pathologist. Part of my work is to teach teens strategies to become better social communicators, forge connections with others, and navigate socially problematic situations effectively. In other words, I teach them how to be a friend. As a working mother in her forties my friendships with others have been extremely difficult… Read More Dear Friend

Taking A Chance On Myself

“When you feel a certain way, you have to really take the time to take a look at yourself. I was in a funk and gaslighting myself based on my love and loyalty for my employer and my coworkers. I am a person of comfort and though I can easily adapt, I will avoid change if I can. But, I started to recognize that I had no choice. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake the funk. I realized that I had reached a plateau and it was time to find a new mountain to climb.”… Read More Taking A Chance On Myself