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Mom Blogger Confession: I Don’t Read Other Parenting Blogs

I feel like I should, by virtue of the fact that I, myself, am a mom blogger. But I don’t read other mom blogs, or dad blogs. Really, I’m slowly losing interest in reading on the interwebs about random people’s parenting experiences, for reasons that, until now, I haven’t really thought that hard about. Contrasting

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Five for Friday: Five Reasons I Have Writer’s Block Right Now (Hint: They Have Something to Do with Being a Mom)

  1. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT …  I know Melissa just posted about this frequent CTWM topic, but it turns out that my three year old has food allergies. So my brain has been dwelling on her and the myriad forms I’m being required to fill out (for two separate school-day/child care programs).

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A Letter to My Younger Sister: The Amazing and Horrible Truth About Becoming a Mother

My sister is in town from Chicago this week, for a last visit to Connecticut before moving to California to take a tenure-track assistant professor position.  She is dissertating (is that a verb?) this summer to get her Ph.D. in political science.  She is 29, and I am 34.  At 29, I was getting married

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