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By now, just about anyone with access to the internet has seen Kim Kardashian’s latest publicity stunt – coyly smiling over her shoulder as she bares her glistening and clearly Photoshopped posterior at the camera – the tagline #BreakTheInternet emblazoned across the bottom (pun intended!) of the photo encouraging her fans to re-Tweet, re-Gram or

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Babysitter Poaching: It’s Real

Ask your friends for a referral for a pediatrician, a realtor, or a mechanic and you’re bound to get a slew of recommendations. Ask friends for the number of a great Saturday night babysitter and the only thing you’re likely to hear is the sound of crickets. In my decade of parenting, it seems that

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Representing Children

One aspect of my job is to represent impoverished people in Social Security Disability hearings. Representing the children is what I love most. Many people wonder why a child would seek disability benefits. Particularly for kids with mental health issues, some think that being found disabled by the federal government means that the child is

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