My life, or rather a day in my life that is what I am tasked to do today. I stop and pause to recall the day from the morning, or basically the night before because that is when it really starts.

3:30 am: Maximus decides to invite me  to a party in his crib. He either expects me BYOB (bring my own boob) or to replace his pacifier. Then he sleeps after waking me up…Thanks buddy, thanks.

6:00am: First feeding for Max since I breastfeed and dress him. I have to feed him first before the latter since my son acts like I am murdering him if I don’t.

6:30 am: I place my son in front of the TV to watch “Little Einsteins” and “Chuggington” so that mommy can pump, brush my teeth, get ready,  get bottles together and organize my computer, paperwork and things needed for work. I know some mothers may be gasping but I love my flat box that has colors and shapes which keep my son happy and quiet for longer than 5 minutes and untill he has a sibling I will be using this daily. Judge all you want 🙂

7:30 am: Get everything and everyone in the car and pick up a Medium french Vanilla Coffee which is necessary to function. (I WILL scream bloody murder if I do not have this!)

7:45 am: Drop Maximus off to the babysitter and give lots of kisses and love.

8:00 am: On the road to my first appointment. I am a pharmaceutical sales representative so I spend most of my day from office to office trying to educate, sell and save patients money with my medications. I love my job because I love sciences and talking. This job incorporates both plus I love competition, and strategies. I am constantly rethinking ideas, and working with my team to change and grow my business. This is one of the ways we present out information on a snazzy new iPad, its prett cutting edge.

11:00 am: Pump in my car. Yup, you heard right I take out my sheet to cover myself and plug my breast pump onto my national geographic nipples and pump for 10 mins. As I do this I am mooing and grazing on grass, with a bell around my neck.

12:00 pm: Stuff my face, wondering why I am not eating a salad because I am still wearing my maternity pants.

1-4:00pm: Continuing to make it rain at work! I travel alot so as you can see I have put over 50,ooo miles on my car over the past year and a half.

4:30pm: Pick up my son. This is possibly the most amazing point in my day when I walk into the babysitters house and see the big smile that my son gives me makes any issue in my life melt away.

4:45 pm: Unload the car including my son. I slowly see my arm muscles getting bigger and bigger with lugging not only the baby supplies but also my ever growing son. He is about 16 lbs now and does not look like he will stop eating anytime soon. He looks at my lame muscles and wonders what my problem is.

5:00 pm: Pump and clean bottles, go around the house and try to clean up a bit. I find that cleaning up daily makes my life easier.

5:30 pm: Finally sit down and snuggle with my son. This is another great point of my day. I love work but that is my competitive side, this time is my mothering side. Maximus and I usually catch up on a show or two, have tummy time, maybe take a cat nap but it is just mommy and son time.

6:30 pm: Dinner time, Hmmmm should I make the chicken in the fridge? Nahhh I will make the dinner of champions Ramen.

Around this time my hubby comes home and we switch off with Maximus to eat. My husband loves playing with Max and thankfully we haven’t hit teeting so he is pretty fun to be around.

7:30 pm: Bath time for Maximus. He loves this time, he splashes around in awe of everything that I take for granted on a daily basis.

8:00 pm: I give Maximus his last bottle of breast milk (we do this to make sure he eats a lot since he has a tendency to sleep at my booby) and put him down.

8:30 pm: Pump again for the last time of the evening, MOOOOO!

8:45 pm: Watch some of my shows on DVR and hang with the hubby. If I have any take home work or paperwork I will multitask and try to get them done at the same time.

9:30 pm: I get ready for bed, shower and relax.

10:00 pm Read for about 5 minutes before I pass out and do it over again.

My weekends are definitely different, but include laundry, cleaning and hopefully doing something fun. This last weekend we went to a wedding so I was excited to spend some Hubby-Wife time.

It’s funny because there is a lot less drinking and hangovers now that I have a child. I sometimes miss that but then I look over at my little guy and see his gummy smile and  maybe hear him poop, I can’t help but be grateful for my wonderful life.

I get to stimulate my adult side while fulfill my nurturing side and still have a laugh or two during the day. Now if I can only win the powerball so I can actually include exercise time in there my life would be complete.

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