Guess what? I’ve discovered something. Am brilliant genius parent. Are you ready for it?

Some kids? Are just crappy sleepers. THE END. (I will wait for the applause and prepare myself for all the recommendations/criticisms…)

My three-year-old has always been an expert sleeper. She would win the gold medal every time in the Sleep Olympics. She has always been a good sleeper. Created her own fabulous sleep schedule. Baby, she was born that way.

My fourteen month old? Notsomuch.

She takes bullshit naps. At childcare AND at home. She still wakes almost every night at least once and sometimes several times. She is sometimes drop-dead exhausted after school and I can barely keep her awake to get through dinner and a bath before she zonks out at 6:45pm. Other days, she fights bedtime so hard, she’s awake until after nine.

Before you ask, yes, I’ve tried that. I’ve tried it all. Read all the books, tried all the tricks. I’ve even tried some sleep training methods that go against my personal better judgement out of desperation (Weissbluth, I’m looking at you.). My girl LAUGHS (er… screams?) in the face of sleep training. For hours and hours and hours.

I feel like I haven’t slept a good solid FULL night of sleep since well before she was born. And it’s funny, because I remember having to go on an overnight work trip when Olivia (the older one) was twelve weeks old and my colleagues saying, “Well, at least you’ll get a good night’s sleep!” and me feeling puzzled. Because I was getting plenty of sleep. She had already been sleeping through the night (14 hours straight) for weeks by that point.

Now? Now, I get it. Oh. My. WORD. I get it.

how audrey feels about sleep

And I guess, my point is not to complain about it, but more to say it is what it is. This is a season of parenting for us. A REALLY EXHAUSTING ONE. And we just have to push through it. I can’t make Audrey be a good sleeper any more than I made Olivia one. They are who they are. I don’t take credit (anymore. I’m so sorry for being that braggy first-time mom. OMG, so sorry.) for Olivia’s good sleep patterns and I don’t take blame for Audrey’s crappy ones. I just try to be consistent with each of them and wait for the season to change. As seasons always do.

Anyone else feel the same? I KNOW there will be a lot of y’all who feel differently. 🙂

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