If you’ve been reading my Magical Monday column for awhile, you know I’m a little metaphysically minded. Okay, I’m MOSTLY metaphysically minded. Some call it woo-woo, some call it airy-fairy, some even call it cray-cray. Call it what you want, I’m usually RIGHT.  (Yes, I just said that and I meant it…just ask my husband.)  Anyway, one of my GREATEST PASSIONS in this life is pre-birth communication.

I experienced boat-loads (a technical term) of pre-birth communication with my children. My first son even went so far as to tell me how he wanted to be born (by unassisted homebirth) and made sure all the info I needed fell right into my lap while I was pregnant with him. My experience of pre-birth communication was so moving, so magical, so paradigm-shifting and so life-changing that I created a website about it when my first son was still a baby, called Love From Baby.

One of my most-crowning achievements in this lifetime thus far is something I created called “Love Notes from Baby.”  Based on my own prebirth communication, I wrote 6 months worth of Love Notes for pregnant women from the perspective of their Spirit Babies. I’ve received such lovely feedback and testimonials from moms-to-be about how “Love Notes from Baby” opened the door wide open for them to personally experience stronger, more obvious prebirth communication with their unborn children. Love Notes developed it’s own momentum by word of mouth alone, and to date almost 7000 women have signed up for them.

I bring all this up today because I feel my Spirit Baby communication is currently going to another level. The messages are coming stronger and the babies are getting louder. THEY are the ones who want me to write about them today. THEY want their future mothers to know a few things. And it brings me such immense JOY to deliver their messages. So without further ado, here’s what your future baby/babies want you to know:

* Yearning is never a one-way street. If you find yourself yearning for a baby, that baby is also yearning to join you. In many cases, it is the yearning on the baby’s part that precipitated YOUR yearning. If you are yearning for a baby, it means there is a Spirit Baby close to you who plans to come in sometime soon.

* Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are the realm of Spirit Babies. This is when your mind is quiet and open and most receptive to messages from your Spirit Baby. If your baby comes to you in a dream, understand that this is COMMUNICATION. You can even ask to dream of your baby and chances are you will.

* If you have a set plan on when you’d like to conceive or when you’d like the baby to be born….chuck that silly ol’ plan out the window. Babies come when it’s most advantageous to their life’s purpose. In short, babies come only when they are damn well ready.

* If you have had a miscarriage (or even an abortion or still-born) it is MOST LIKELY  that the soul of that baby will return in a subsequent pregnancy. For frame of reference, I had 2 miscarriages before Finn was born and I KNOW he was the same soul in all those pregnancies. These days Finn comes up with stories on why he chose to go away and then come back later.  If you’ve suffered a loss, it was the loss of a body and NOT the loss of a soul. That baby can and will come back if you want. (This one is so important and they REALLY want you to know this so there is less suffering.)

* If you do have complications on the way to Mothering, know that it is helping your journey AND your baby’s journey. Sometimes choosing to have a baby is not so straightforward, but the journey there is soul-enriching and life-changing. Complications give rise to strength, compassion, empathy, flexibility AND it clears karma. Complications are something you and your baby agreed on to fulfill certain life-purposes. Your baby is still able and eager to communicate with you throughout all the ups and downs. No matter what, know that you are in this together. Even though having two miscarriages was so incredibly difficult and heart-breaking, I’m so thankful to have had those experiences. It changed me in ways that EASE couldn’t have.

* These babies REALLY WANT to communicate with you! Talk to them and they WILL hear you and acknowledge you in some way. They will, I promise!

* The babies coming in these days are VERY aware, and they require VERY aware parents. You may have to make some certain changes to raise your vibration high enough to receive these wise, new magical souls.  If you are in need of some physical or emotional healing you’ll hear repeated messages of how to do this. And the urges will be so strong you won’t be able to ignore it. These babies can be VERY insistent!

* The Spirit Babies want me to relay to you is that there is  no longer a need to learn lessons through suffering. This doesn’t mean that difficulties won’t arise, but it’s not the difficulties that cause suffering ~ it’s the resistance to the difficulties that cause suffering. If you are experiencing difficulties, it merely means a different course of action (usually via a different way of thinking) is required.  If difficulties aries, the Spirit Babies ask that you remain open to all possibilities rather than wallowing in the same small mind-frame. The answers may not come right away, but they will come when needed. Allow yourself to be confused AND open AND know the new answers will come.

And the final thing the Spirit Babies want me to impart to you (and this is said with emphasis):

* MIRACLES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME!  There is no “can’t” or “won’t” or “never will” in the Spirit Baby realm. The Spirit Baby realm is the realm of MIRACLES…and there even the impossible is possible.

It is with great joy and celebration that I conclude this first Spirit Baby post. Know they are throwing a party even as you read this. Prebirth communication is real…and the door has been opened….♥

P.S. For more Spirit Baby info visit my site: Love From Baby


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