Momfession: I enjoy kids’ TV shows

Sep 15, 2014 by

Maybe I’ve been cooped up in the house for too long. Maybe these early mornings are finally getting to me. Maybe I’m in desperate need for an adults-only evening out. But kids’ television shows? …Not terrible.


While I haven’t yet caught myself watching Nick Jr. long after Lenny has gone to bed, I did realize the other day my excitement while flipping through the channels: “Oh look, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!” Only, Lenny was in bed and I really had no reason to change the channel to anything animated.


I did flip past Mickey and the gang and probably changed it to something more “adult” (do the Kardashians count?) but my excitement got me thinking. I may actually like these shows.


More lullabies for parents and their children

Sep 8, 2014 by

A while back I compiled a list of lullabies suited as much for our kiddos as for us, the parents.  I imagined a master mix tape of songs that I would enjoy listening to along with (at the time) my niece and, now, with Lenny.  Embarrassingly, I did not gift the original CD of lullabies to my sister as promised–this has happened not once, but, ahem, twice.  So, what’s left to do than up the ante and add nine more songs to the list and hope that this time I may actually burn the CD and it will make its way to her and my niece.  And, I just may make a copy for myself and Lenny while I’m at it….

Hang on Little Tomato by Pink Martini: This sweet song pops up every so often on one of my Pandora stations.  Like many of the songs on this new list, it is less a lullaby than a sleepy song with a nice message.  This one is good for comforting your little tomato when they need it most.

The part-time parent

Aug 25, 2014 by

I’m feeling defeated. I’m sitting here on the couch downstairs after trying to get my son to sleep for the last three hours. I’m now watching him on the monitor, sitting up, wide awake. He took a nice little nap around hour one-and-a-half, and then decided to wake up. I don’t know what else to do to get him to sleep. I suppose when it gets fully dark outside he’ll realize it’s nighttime and we can try again.


It’s like this at the end of every weekend. Every Sunday night I look forward to going back to work on Monday because I’m completely drained by a marathon bedtime routine on Sunday evening. I find myself longing for the routines of daycare for him, and work for me. At daycare he will eat, sleep and poop at regular intervals; a far cry, it seems, from our carefree, often routine-less weekends. Weekends spent as a family are fun, but we all seem to function better during the weekdays.

The view from my heart-shaped eyes

Aug 18, 2014 by

The view from my heart-shaped eyes

Do you have those moments when you look at your kid and you think, “I just have to take a picture of this very moment?”  One look at my iPhone and you’d see that happens quite often for me.

The other night I was putting Lenny to bed.  He had just nursed himself to sleep and I was able to transition him up onto my shoulder for one last snuggle.  His sweaty hair, pouty lips, his sweet, sleepy face…I just had to capture it.  I thought my husband would want to see how cute he looked at that exact moment in time.

After each click of the camera, I paused to look at the image on the screen.  No, that wasn’t what I saw.  Despite positioning my camera to try to depict my exact viewpoint, none of the pictures I took were quite right.

The labels we give our kids

Aug 11, 2014 by

Do you ever stop and think about the descriptors we assign to our kids on a daily basis?  The subtle messages we send them without realizing it? “Oh, he’s just shy,” we might say to a stranger who just approached our child in the store. Or, “she’s going to be a soccer player!” about a baby who likes to exercise her legs by kicking up a storm. And let’s not get started on the plethora of baby clothes out there with clever, if not inappropriate, sayings. Dressing my son in onesies or tee-shirts that describe him as “Tough Like Daddy” or give the warning “Lock Up Your Daughters!” gives my son a voice I’m not sure I ever want him to have.  And I bet few of us want our “Little Diva” or “Future Ladies Man” to become self-fulfilling prophecies, especially in their teenage years.

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