Cleaner Living: It’s a New Year!

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Happy 2013!



It has been almost a year since I did the Toxin a Day series (you can find the wrap up and links to all the Toxins here).  For you newbies, the series took aim to help our readers navigate the shopping aisles armed with a bit more knowledge of the toxins that lurk in everyday products.

The series was so well received and I get the feeling that you all want more of this type of stuff.  So, one of my resolutions this year is to try to be better at posting helpful tips and info about how to live a little less toxic and to help others live a healthier life!

In order to do that, I want to know what information YOU want!  What products are you concerned about?  What things have you heard in the news, on other blogs, etc., that you just don’t have the time to fully research?  Do you want more tips on creating your own products (and saving money in the process?  What will help you to make that first step to a Cleaner Life?

So leave me a comment and help me keep at least one of my resolutions this year!

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