I have been feeling a little angst-y lately.  While summer is all about relaxing and fun, there are some moments where I am in constant survival mode and I am starting to get a little snippy…and crabby.  Sometimes I feel like the simple things in life, like going to the store or vacation with my family, become exponentially harder when you have kids and it really bugs me.  So lately, I have been making up my own rules, kinda like a mama vigilante armed with a diaper bag and stroller.  To show you what I mean, I’ve made a list of some momfessions. It’s been well over a year since I’ve written my last one and feel it’s a little overdue.  Making this list and getting things off my chest usually proves good for the soul, so here goes:

*I park like a jerk.  It seems like every time I park my car in a lot with 50 empty spaces and run into the store for FIVE minutes with the kids, I come back out only to find someone parked not only next to, but practically ON TOP of me. This makes putting the baby in his car seat back in the car an impossible feat.  After this happened for the umpteenth time, my solution to this problem is to take up two parking spaces.  I know this sounds obnoxious, but it really is the best for everyone all around.  It’s good for the other person because I don’t end up putting a ding in their car, good for the kids who can get in and out of the car without a problem, and good for my sanity.  I will only take up two spots far away from the entrance and if it is not super crowded with people trolling the lot for spaces.  I do have a conscience (most of the time).


*In large crowds, if you come between me and my family, I may run your foot over with my stroller.  Before kids, I used to detest those aggressive moms with strollers because they seemed like they were always out to get me.  But now I am that mother and I know why they do this: When you are in a crowd with your family, you are in survival mode, trying desperately to keep everyone together and safe.  Plus, you are sick of people without kids walking right in front of you like you don’t exist.  Sure, I am trying to teach my daughter how to be kind, but sometimes a mom has her limits.  Just recently we were in a Mexican airport as part of a huge crowd trying to get through the immigration check point.  After the tenth person cut in front of me and the baby as I tried to catch up to my husband and daughter, I took matters into my own hands.  In my defense, I was tired from the 12+ hour journey, hungry, and stressed. So if you see a mama frantically pushing her baby in a stroller trying to keep up with the rest of her family, kindly get out the way.

*Lately I have been in defense mode when I nurse in public.   I have been nursing my kids in public for years.  It’s easy, convenient, and a necessity for me since I need to drain regularly because I get sick with plugged ducts if I don’t.  No one has ever bothered me, but lately, with all the stories  going viral about moms being harassed and discouraged from nursing in public and the workplace, I am ready to defend myself with a dirty look that says, “Go ahead, make my day.”  Hopefully I will never have to do this.

nursing in public

*There’s baby spit up on the floor in every room of our house.  I love my baby to pieces, but he’s the barfiest kid I ever met.  Every time I hear a “Splat!” fall to the floor I ignore it and keep walking.  I’m tired of cleaning it up and it dries pretty fast anyway so no risk of people slipping on wet spit up. But if you happen to come over my house, keep your shoes on.

I'm cute, but I have a hard time keeping my lunch down.
I’m cute, but I have a hard time keeping my lunch down.

*I am counting down the days until my daughter goes back to school.  I really love summer, but when we’re not on vacation, it becomes very difficult to entertain my daughter every. single. day. I primarily work from home in the summer months and she’s been fiercely protesting going to camp, so I relent and keep her home and then complain because I can’t get a thing done.  If I keep her occupied with an activity, she’s great.  But it’s tough trying to come up with something every hour while I am trying to work and nurse the baby.  So today every time she annoys me I have threatened “Get your stuff ready, you are going to camp!”  Not my finest parenting moment, but it works.  At least for today.

And then she came up to me and gave me this card she made just for her mom…

Me with a smiley face. Thank goodness she didn’t sense mama’s crabbiness.

And I don’t feel so crabby anymore.

THANK YOU for letting me vent.  Now, excuse me while I am off to do a craft with my daughter!


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    1. I was going to say the same thing – mine dog is also good for food the boys throw all over the floor (which is most of what we feed them). Love this post!


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