10 Holiday Gifts for Tweens

Holiday shopping is simple for little kids they typically  have a list a mile long – and if not, you can give them a box and they’d be happy with it. Teenagers are equally easy to gift – just write a check and you’re done.  But tweens are notoriously difficult to buy for – probably because they change their minds every five seconds (ugh, hormones!!).  Since many of our CTWM staff has younger kids, I thought I’d give you some perspective into what your 10-12 year old nieces/nephews/cousins might like for the holidays.  And the best thing about them –  NONE of these items requires a plug!

ctwm - mini questions

Slumber Box of Mini Questions – Tweens love sleepovers (moms of tweens, not so much) – this box of thought provoking questions asks fun and engaging questions that get teens talking, not texting!

ctwm sklz basketball

Indoor Basketball Hoop – An over the door basketball hoop that helps to improve hand/eye coordination while having fun.  My son (11yo) LOVES this toy…and its sturdy plexiglass construction stands up to jump shots from wanna-be ballers.

ctwm ogosport

Ogosport – Perfect for a snowy day, kids can play catch indoors without fear of breaking anything.  You’re welcome.

ctwm perplexus

Perplexus – Trust me, you’re not going to be able to put this down until you solve the puzzle.  I bought this for my step-dad last year and he still hasn’t figured it out (and he’s a PhD).

ctwm spirograph

Super Spirograph Do you remember Spirograph?!  Anyone who grew up in the ’70’s will feel a tug of nostalgia when they see this creative toy. Improvements have been made (no straight pins needed to hold down the wheels – what were they thinking???) to this classic toy.

ctwm origami

Origami Kit – The ancient art of Japanese paper folding explained.  Kids will have hours of fun folding squares of paper into animal shapes!

CTWM zombie slippers

Zombie Slippers Keep toes toasty with these silly slippers.  Guaranteed you’ll have a bunch of kids walking around murmuring, “Brains…brains….”

ctwm lunchbox

Human Organ Lunchbox  Is that a sandwich or a spleen?  The coolest lunchbox in school.

ctwm root farm

Indoor Garden Get to the root of good gardening with this see-though garden set.

ctwm - snap circuit

Snap Circuits Little engineers will light up when they see this awesome circuit kit.

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