This Year: Resolve to Make More Love

I realized as my alarm went off at 3:10am on January 1st that I had not made any resolutions for this year. I was up early because I had a plane to catch that would bring me and my family back from Florida to our real life in Connecticut. It’s time to jump back into the grind. Since becoming a mom, I’ve made some pretty elaborate New Year’s resolutions. However, I did stop calling them resolutions (i.e. – giving something up) and took a more positive spin by calling them “hopes.” They usually resolved around doing more things for myself (yoga, date nights, reading), for my kids (being more present, yelling less) or for my environment (recycling, composting, gardening).

I’m not sure why I didn’t make any this year. Maybe I am finally recognizing that I am doing about all I can do. I can make small improvements, but it’s just not possible to work full time, parent two kids, be chair of the “PTA” and add anything additional to my plate, even if it’s something fun and for me. I just cannot commit to anything else if I want to do these things well. So I resolved decided no resolutions, no hopes, not this year. I’m happy. I’ve got a great job, my kids are healthy, life is good.

But I just couldn’t let it go at that! That’s just not me. I started out my new year by attending a yoga class at my favorite studio with one of my favorite teachers. She always suggests making an intention at the beginning of each class. This got me thinking – I’ve heard of people choosing a word for the year, to be their mantra and their inspiration or theme for the year.

So, I am holding back on writing down specific things I’ll give up or things I’ll do more of and I am choosing one word. I think I can apply this word in all faucets of my life.


If you’ve decided to record your intentions, aspirations, goals, resolutions or hopes for 2015, what one word would best describe your theme for the year?

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