Fitbit for Parents

Last week, I received an incredibly cool birthday gift from my spouse, a fitbit ChargeHR.  The HR means this particular model comes in with a Heart Rate Monitor integrated into a watch.  I’ve played with my new toy for a few days, and it’s a bit catchy.


On my very first day, I earned 3 different badges:  one for walking 10,000 steps, one for climbing 20 flights of stairs, one for over 30 “active minutes” of exercise.  Yesterday, I embarked on an adventure to run up to our local Castle Craig.  I earned the “Skyscraper Badge” for climbing the equivalent of more than 100 flights of stairs.  The Skyscraper, wow!  The fitbit is a bit of morale in a wristwatch, which also syncs to your phone, your desktop, various fitness apps, and can even show you who’s calling while exercising so you don’t have to pull out your phone to see if you have to answer.

In less than a week with this new gadget, I’m a fan.  I’ve also pondered a “FitMommy” app and wonder if I have the talent (and savvy sponsor – anyone?) to bring it to fruition:

  • You woke up in time to make a pot of coffee before the kids woke!  You earned the caffeinated genius badge!
  • The children both went to school in something other than their PJs!  You earned your “marathon before work” badge!
  • You just did 7 loads of laundry up and down two flights of stairs!  Congratulations on your “multi-tasking fit-n-clean” mommy award!
  • Your children went to sleep without any new permanent emotional scars!  You earned the “preserve their spirits” icon!
  • You took four time-outs at critical times!  You earned your “breathe-first” badge!
  • You ran away from home, met up with your girlfriends, vented about your life and had a toast, with red wine, to a kid-free evening!  Congratulations, you’ve just earned the self-care award!

As these badges are randomly emailed to you throughout the day by your FitNanny genius behind the FitMommy app, your desktop dials keep spinning with “steps earned towards college” when they complete their homework and if you remember to cut a coupon at the grocery store.  Champ!  It says in bright green “go, go, go” letters.

Did you actually manage to transfer $5.00 into their savings account?  The FitMommy watch vibrates and flashes triples stars on the screen.  “Nailed it!”

Are your children driving you absolutely insane and you think you’re going to blow a gasket?  No worries, FitMommy is there, vibrating incessantly with flashing red warning lights to get you to pull back.  It is a Heart Rate Monitor, after all.

FitMommy, in decorative wristbands that can be customized to flash with the faces of your children, or serene beach scenes, depending on if your Heart Rate is in the “Safe to Parent” zone or “desperate need of retreat.”

And, if you earn 435,000 badges before your youngest turns 18, perhaps they’ll head to college on a scholarship.  There’s got to be a technology sponsor out there somewhere that would sponsor that idea.

Mommy Morale in a wristwatch.  “Nailed it!”

While the makers of fitbit absolutely did not pay me (or CTWorkingMoms) to write this, I wouldn’t mind if they offered to pay for consultation to further develop FitMommy.  I’m kidding (maybe).

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