5 Things I Love About Fall

Hands down, summer is my favorite season. I thrive in the heat, the humidity, and the days that seem to last forever. I adore walking barefoot across sandy beaches and grassy lawns and relish the thought of never have to wear a coat. But like all good things, summer comes to an end.

And then there’s fall.

It’s a season that’s easy to love…the warm days and cool nights that lead to jewel colored leaves. The yellows, golds, reds, organges, and deep greens that pop against a cloudless azure sky – it’s nature at her most spectacular. But there are other things I love about fall that are more subtle and closer to my heart.

The Smell of The First Fire in the Fireplace

The smoky, acrid smell of the first blaze in the fireplace reminds me of my parent’s home. Full of love and warmth. It’s like a big hug on a chilly fall evening.

Trick or Treating

It’s so fun to see the kids dressed in costume and, of course, there’s the candy… but Halloween reminds me of watching my husband taking our son out on Halloween night to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Seeing the two of them together, our son’s little hand holding his dad’s was heart-melting. It’s a beautiful memory for me.

Pumpkin picking, hayrides, and corn mazes

Each year, we took a family outing to select the best pumpkin, carve it, and roast the seeds. The day almost always included a hay ride and a walk through a twisting corn maze.

Comfort Foods

My husband and I have started a new tradition of cooking together on Sunday nights. We challenge ourselves to prepare foods we normally would not cook. It’s time for us to spend together and connect before the busy work week. During the fall, we dive into comfort foods like stews, Chinese dumplings and chicken pot pie.


Although it’s still a few weeks away, fall reminds me of all the things I have to be grateful for. Family, love, a job I love, and good health.

Each season has its ups and downs, but autumn never fails to inspire me.


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