What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been


**Photo Courtesy of Janelle Melnyk Photography**

The write up in my high school year book featured a quote from one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs.  “I don’t know, don’t really care, let there be songs to fill the air…..” -Ripple.   As is I sit here typing up my last *gasp* CT Working Moms blog posts, I can’t help but think that, yeah, damn, what a long strange trip it’s been.  Old habits die hard, I know, I know…

I began my trip with CT Working Moms after the birth of my son, Jake, who will be FIVE YEARS OLD next week.  *gasp again* This also means it has been five years that I have been on this wild blogger ride.  Five Years!! There’s a lot of history in those years, and a hell of a lot of fun and friendships that have been made and cherished.  If you don’t mind indulging me for a little bit, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite CT Working Moms memories.


That time I learned a life lesson at the tattoo parlor…

This post even made the Huff Post! Tattoos- the gift that keep on giving, and unlike a pair of diamond earrings, you don’t have to worry about this milestone gift getting lost.

mom in morning

Proving that after running the MOM gauntlet every morning, you can survive the morning rush and still live to tell about it!

This is still one of my favorite mom moments of all time.  It still blows my mind that pre-kid I could BARELY make it out of the house and anywhere on time.  No wait. I was late everywhere I went.  And my only excuses were tooling around on facebook and hitting my snooze button 26 times every morning…


Happy Birthday to my main man, Jake.

So you say it’s your birthday… or also entitled, “You never forget your first.”  Jake- the man, the myth, the legend- the kid who actually MADE me a mom! I’ll never forget this post I wrote for his first birthday.  Still makes me EMO!  Oh, and do yourself a favor and do NOT listen to the song I quote in the post while reading the post… unless you want to turn into a blubbery weepy mess, of course…

liv liv

Oh, HAI Girl!

Next in line is my Homegirl, Livvy.  Livvy is where things get fun- Livvy, my Mini Me, is a carbon copy of yours truly.  Livvy loves life, dancing, jumping, and following around her big brother Jake no matter where he leads.  And I LOVE HER with every fiber of my being that I never thought possible.  And, like Jake’s post, you want a good cry? You listen to THIS SONG I my post while you read it.  Oye, these kids!  My HEART!



oh yeah….. that time we were on the Today Show.

And, I have to save the best for last.  I love my CT Working Moms Brood.  I’ve made the most glorious friendships while blogging with these ladies, and I can’t forget the time that we took the internet, and the mom world by storm with our post-baby Mom Body movement.  We are trailblazers, and I know my homegirls will be continuing on in the pursuit of encouraging moms everywhere, and reminding them that yeah- we got your back, girl.  We got your back.

xoxo, LOVE,



**Photo Courtesy, Janelle Melnyk Photography**

5 thoughts on “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

  1. Oh please say it ain’t so!!!! I love you and will miss you dearly over here. I will miss your hilarious and uplifting posts – those posts made me smile and helped me through this journey of motherhood. I know I will see you at work so am relieved. But I will always treasure our “blogger time” together like the time we met at the Goddess Gathering, our trip to NYC to be on the Today Show (I’m glad we cleared out the wine splits in the mini bar at the hotel), and sharing all the trials and tribulations of parenting but laughing through it all. You rock! Love you lady.


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